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Friday, September 19, 2014

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Clubs and Activities

Moderator: Mrs. Barbara Benson -
The National Art Honor Society strives to help members work toward the attainment of the highest standards in art and to bring art education to the attention of the school and community. We display artwork in the art room, hallways, and libraryof the school. We demonstrate and work with St. Catherine's Day School students invarious art projects. Members must maintain a "B" average and the NAHS is open toSophomore, Junior, and Senior art students at the discretion of the art teacher.
Moderator: Mrs. Cynthia Honyara -
The National Honor Society is an academically based national organization.Juniors and Seniors with a cumulative average of 92 or above are invited to apply.The application considers student activities and teacher recommendations.  A panel of teachers review these applications in search of students who best exemplify the qualities of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. The NHS is involved with activities that are based on national standards. Students also provide a peer tutoring program to help other students who need assistance with class work.  A number of service activities are performed by members as part of the membership requirement. These activities have included bake sales to purchase calling cards for service personnel overseas, developing a garden at a local parish as part of a Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout project, and holding a book drive for Books Through Bars, an organization that helps provide reference and other reading material for prisoners. The largest service activity is the annual Dodge-Ball Tournament that raises funds for the Pierce Clancy Memorial Scholarship, begun in memory of a student of the class of 2006.
Another significant undertaking of the NHS is Career Day.  Over 60 speakers spend the day at Carroll speaking to the Junior and Senior classes about their various careers, educational backgrounds, and how they arrived at their current employment. The event is anchored by a keynote address to the entire student body (past speakers have included Brian Zwann, President and founding partner of Penn Liberty Bank, and John Prendergast, member of the Clinton Administration of African Affairs) by an alumnus or other notable business person.


Hi-Q is an interscholastic academic competition between 21 Delaware County High Schools.  Students answer questions in 16 categories and accumulate points similar to the quiz show Jeopardy.  Carroll hosts one contest each year and participates in at least two more at neighboring schools.
Moderator: Mr. Edward Garbacz -
This program takes the students on a weeklong learning experience in our nation's capital. The week consists of topical seminars, and on-site workshops that take place at such sites as the galleries of the Capitol Building and the hallways of the Supreme Court. Meetings with members of Congress and their staffs are conducted. Time is also provided for briefings at the State Department, the Pentagon, and international lobbying organizations. Visits to the monuments and historical sights are also included.The program allows students to learn about the inner workings of the government, the importance of getting involved, and provides them with an opportunity to discuss the important domestic and international issues of the day.
 Moderator: Sr. Marianna Fieo –
Ms. Dorothy Taylor -
Carroll Times is the school newspaper.  It consists solely of the work of the students. These students plan each issue, develop and write the articles, and prepare them for publication. Participation is open to students of all grade levels. The paper is published four or five times a year.


Moderator; Sr. Marianna Fieo -
Ms. Dorothy Taylor -
Origins is the school's literary publication.  It features original poetry and short fiction created by our students.  All students are welcome to submit contributions. Origins is published four times a year.



Moderator: Mr. Richard Knowlton    - 
Legacy is the official school yearbook of Archbishop John Carroll High School.The students produce all of the work with supervision and guidance by both School moderators and the Cooke Publishing  Staff.  These efforts begin in May of the year prior to publication. The yearbook is then completed in July with the publication of the supplement. The year-book captures the events and activities of the school year while highlighting the senior class.  Skills such as writing, typing, cropping, marketing/sales, proofreading, and photography are developed.
Carroll hosts a blood drive two times per year. These critically important community participations are usually scheduled in the Fall and in the Spring.  Students must be 17 years of age and weigh at least 110 pounds to donate blood.
The Community Service Corps provides many opportunities for students to exercise their passion while doing service.  Carroll continues to encourage innovative service initiatives that emphasize student leadership and community building. These activities are followed by structured time for processing and reflecting on the specific service experience.  Projects have included:  l) Thanksgiving Food Drive, 2) Operation Santa Claus, 3)  Operation Bedding, 4) Bread Basketball, and  5) Operation Winter Survival. These students serve as positive role models to the entire Carroll community. CSC is open to  new opportunities and new ideas on how to serve both the school and community at large.
 Moderator: Mr. Barry Kirsch -
The Carroll Pro-Life Club's motto is supporting life from conception to
natural death. Meetings are held every other Friday from 2:30-3:30 PM in Room 200.
The members are immersed in defending the life credo each and every day. Students of all grade levels are invited to participate. This group illustrates the importance of actively living the faith within the current cultural environment.


Moderator: Mrs. Joanne Coughlin  - 

The purpose of the Student council is to voice student opinion, to introduce and vote upon legislation and programs deemed conducive to the fulfillment of its purposes, to hold school elections, to promote school spirit, to raise funds necessary for projects and expenses of the Student council, and to serve as a liaison between the
students and the administration.
The Student Council consists of one student council President, one Vice President, one Secretary/Treasurer, one Events Chair, two class officers from each class and individual Class Representatives. The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Events Chair. This Board works in close collaboration with the Class Officers.  Candidates for Student Council President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Events Chair, and Class Officer must have one year of experience on the Council and must have and maintain at least a "C" average (78 or above) during the entire term of office.
This group is formed to give assistance to the President of the school. These students serve a critical and essential purpose at School Open Houses, 8th Grade Visitation, and other such events. The skills needed and cultivated in this activity include: public speaking, poise, composure, diplomacy; knowledge of Carroll (past, present, and future) and the confidence and ability to "think on your feet."


Moderator: Mrs Linda Heffernan-Wert
Carroll has two all-school dances and three class dances during the school year. Students help plan the dance themes and music playlists. The Homecoming Dance is an all-school event that is held in the Fall of each year. The Snow Ball Dance is an all-school event held in January.  The Spring Fling is a Freshmen and Sophomore class dance held in March. The Junior Prom usually is held in April, whereas the Senior Prom occurs in  May.
Moderator: Mr. Fred Magenheimer -
A variety of sports are offered throughout the year. These sports include: Baseball (check your throwing speed with a radar gun), Basketball (co-ed 4 on 4, 2 on 2, and 3 point shootout), Football (pass, punt, and kick), Hockey (beat the goalie.) Theseactivities are open to ALL students Grade 9 through 12.
Moderator: Mr. Zach Larimer  - 
Moderator:    Mr. Zach Larimer -
The Carroll Patriot Marching Band is one of the most visible organizations at our school. The band performs at all home and select away football games. The band also marches in at least two parades per year and performs in the Cavalcade of Bands circuit. Preparation for the marching season begins with a two-week band camp in August and ends with Cavalcade Finals at the beginning of November. The band practices on Mondays and Thursdays from 3-6pm during the school year. Students learn the basics of marching and playing, as well as vital lessons in leadership.
 Moderator:  Mr. Zach Larimer -
The jazz band performs yearly at the Cardinal's Christmas Party for Children, as well at the Spring Concert. The band performs music from big band standards to rock and pop tunes of today. The band has been recognized for its achievements with a variety of awards. Auditions are held the third week of November and the band practices Tuesdays from 3-5pm.
Moderator:  Mr. Zach Larimer -
The Concert Band is the main performing group at Carroll. The band meets everyday at eighth period for practice. The main performances include the Winter Liturgy Concert and the Spring Concert. The band plays music from the early classical period through composers of today. Lessons in music theory and history are taught through the use of performance. Membership is limited to students who currently play, or are learning a band instrument (not guitar, bass, or piano.)
Moderator: Mrs. Judi Shapansky -
The Carroll Singers organization is a 75 member musical ensemble. Students in grades 9-12 are invited to participate in the Chorus. Students can take Chorus as a class, if schedules allow. After-school chorus is an option for students who want to sing, but cannot take a vocal class. The Carroll Singers perform at various functions including Liturgies, concerts and community activities. Students have the opportunity to audition for various smaller ensembles such as Jazz Chorus or the very prestigious "All Catholic Chorus." In addition to all of the above, the Carroll Singers enjoy performing and traveling with the Carroll Band.
Moderator: Ms. Piffath -
Carroll has two theater performances per school year. Recent performances have included "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", “West Side Story”, and Seusical the Musical.   Shows are usually held for one weekend along with a performance for grade school children during the week.
Students help in creating and building the stage sets for our theater performances. At each performance, students are involved with the props, sound and lighting.
Moderator: Mrs.Rosemary Faris -
The Carroll chapter is a local high school chapter of the Best Buddies International Organization.  Its mission is to provide one-to-one opportunities for interested Carroll Students to develop friendships with St. Katherine Day School students. A
pair matching of peer buddies enables a student to develop a personal relationship with his/her buddy through weekly contact, social engagements both within andoutside school, and group activities. Several parties are held during the school year and all activities culminate with a field day at the end of the year.
T.V. CREW   
Moderator: Rev Daniel Kredensor  -
Carroll's T.V. Studio is a state-of-the-art studio with cutting edge professional equipment. The studio is run by the students for the students. A live broadcast is aired each morning with the announcements for the day. All students at Carroll are welcome to join the T.V. crew. Training is conducted by the T.V. moderator. Students can serves in positions such as camera persons, technical directors, directors, and anchors.
Moderator: Mrs. Katheryn Tucker -
Mock Trial is a part of a national competition run by the Young Lawyers' division of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. In October, the Bar Association publishes a civil or criminal case, including a statement of facts, relevant law, motions, and witness statements. Students take that information and work to present the case as Prosecution/Plaintiff and Defense. The team must prepare opening statements, witnesses' direct and cross examinations, and closing statements. Carroll competes at the Delaware County Court House, where the case is presided over by a sitting Delaware County judge and attorneys serve as the jury.

Moderator: Dr. Patricia Rigby

The Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science team at Carroll represents Region 1A in a statewide organization of students that promotes interest in science and mathematics.By participating in this program, students strengthen scientific, experimental,analytical, and presentation skill by completing projects on various scientific topics.
Moderator: Mr. Garbacz -
Values in Actions Program is an Interfaith Youth Service Learning Initiative in which Muslim, Christian, and Jewish high school students from the area will meet thirteen times during the school year for joint learning, dialogue, community service projects and reflections. The goal of the Program is to allow students to be able to articulate how their own distinctive religious traditions, and those of other faiths, are based upon core values, to allow students to engage with one another in ways that lead to better understanding and cooperative service and to allow students to put their values into action through community service at a local agency.