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Kairos LXXXII March 10-13, 2015

Kairos is a four (4) day-three (3) night retreat conducted by Archbishop John Carroll High School at an Archdiocesan-approved retreat center and is open to members of the senior class. It is intended to be a spiritual retreat and an experience of God’s love for the retreatants. Kairos is not considered counseling or therapy in any fashion and should not be perceived as such or chosen for such reasons.

Each Kairos retreat’s capacity ranges from thirty-six (36) to forty-eight (48) retreatants,depending on leader availability. Retreat registration is conducted online and is on a rolling (first come,first served) acceptance. The Kairos Leadership Team reserves the right to change a retreatant’s date of participation based on availability and retreat logistics.

Retreatants are responsible for any and all missed class work,homework and tests. Once a student is confirmed as a retreatant, he/she should inform his/her teachers of the class days he/she will miss. Applicants should be sure to consult with their personal calendar (family obligations, job, activities, athletics, etc.) before confirming participation. If an applicant withdraws from the retreat after having been confirmed as a retreatant, he/she forfeits the right to participate in a future retreat.

The total cost of the retreat is $280.00. All payments (due dates will be given at an informational meeting) must be made to the Tuition Office. No student will be denied participation in the Kairos retreat based on legitimate financial issues or constraints. For any questions or issues, please contact the Director of Campus Ministry and/or the Tuition Officer.

There will be a MANDATORY Kairos LXXXII Parent/Guardian Meeting at a date and time to be announced. At least one parent/guardian must be present for this meeting for a retreatant to participate in Kairos LXXXII Retreatants do NOT attend this meeting.