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Tuition Officer
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Tuition and Fees

We are pleased to announce an innovative plan to lock in tuition for our students, which will provide you with tuition certainty while your children are enrolled at Carroll. Our plan has been approved by the Office of Catholic Education of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Tuition for the incoming Carroll Class of 2020 will be locked in at $9,500 a year; current freshmen (Class of 2019), will pay $8,200 a year for the next three years; current sophomores (Class of 2018), will pay $7,900 a year for the next two years, and tuition for current juniors (Class of 2017) will be $7,600 for their senior year. The annual school fee for all classes remains at $1,845 for 2016-17.

Families at Archbishop Carroll with three or more children in Archdiocesan High Schools will continue to receive a family discount.  The net amount the family will pay will be based on the tuition for the two oldest children.

Additional revenue generated by the tuition guarantee will be used to fund academics, Campus Ministry, counseling and college prep, allowing us to make strategic investments in key content areas, including:

  • Furthering our commitment to CarrollU, the all-­encompassing program that provides extensive and diversified services to the entire Carroll student body; CarrollU includes college prep, learning support, learning strategies, counseling, drug and alcohol awareness, social emotional learning and coping skills
  • Hiring new faculty to reduce the student/teacher ratio
  • Investing in technology in innovative ways to grow learning at Carroll
  • Investing in Campus Ministry to create a more robust program, improving retreats and student service experiences, and sending students on mission trips

Please note, investment in facility improvements will move forward as well. However, fundraising, not tuition revenue, is used to fund those projects at Carroll.

This budgeting and tuition process is consistent with our mission: a commitment to excellence in Catholic identity, academic, and social development, as well as our pledge to offer the highest quality Catholic education in Philadelphia.

Carroll continues to be a leader in Catholic secondary education, where every day, we work diligently to create the most enriching high school experience possible for your children. Through extensive collaborative research and planning, we have developed a model that will provide you with tuition certainty while your children are enrolled at Carroll. We understand that many of you have to make sacrifices to send your children to Carroll. Through significant tuition assistance and financial aid, we remain committed to making a Carroll education available and accessible to families who want to enroll their children in our school.

2016-2017 Total Tuition & School Fee

To view the complete tuition and fee structure, please click your student’s graduation year below.

2017: $9,445
2018: $9,745
2019: $10,045
2020: $11,345

2017: $10,195
2018: $10,495
2019: $10,795
2020: $12,095

Full Tuition Payment Schedule: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Athletics/Activities Fee Structure

Students with a 2015-2016 tuition balance will not be re-admitted for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Financial Aid Forms

Tuition Assitance for 2016/2017
SMART AID applications for financial assistance are now available. To apply for assistance through SmartAid, please visit:  A completed SMART AID application, including all required documentation, MUST be processed by SMART AID in order to receive financial assistance for the 2016/2017 academic year.  In order to complete your application you will need our school code; Archbishop Carroll’s SmartAid School Code is 13064. Families receiving financial assistance for 2015/2016 are required to reapply every year. CLICK HERE for detailed online instructions and school settings. Should you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Lisa Ritter, Tuition Officer at: or 610 688-7610, ext. 136.

Lawrence J. Nowlan Scholarship

A scholarship for the arts is awarded annually in loving memory of Lawrence J. Nowlan, Class of 83. Please Click Here to download the application.

 Scholarships Available to Prospective Carroll Students

The scholarships listed below are offered through third party organizations. For more information, see

  • Neumann Scholarship

  • Josephine C. Connelly Achievement Awards

  • Vianney Scholars Program

  • St. Thomas More

  • Maguire Scholars Program

  • Charles Ellis Trust

  • John T. Mitchell Memorial Trust Scholarship

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