We invite you to take a moment to watch the 2018 Baccaluareate Address, delivered by Class President Anthony Warnick.  His message to Carroll was impactful:

“As we stand here on the eve of our graduation, we realize how that journey has formed us into the people we are today. Because who could have thought, sitting in those auditorium seats freshman year, that we’d be sitting next the people we now call our greatest friends in our life, and how a school is something we now call home.

“Carroll – you have formed us into leaders … into people who live a life of faith. We have learned to live a life with concern for others … to give, and not count the cost. It is the faith that creates the love and pride that flows through every aspect of this school. It is that same love and pride that makes this place so hard to say goodbye to. Carroll has brought God into our lives.

“What we did here was special. And the people we did it with were amazing. So Carroll, thank you for giving us 10,000 reasons to love and call you home!”