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Welcome to Archbishop Carroll High School!

Archbishop John Carroll High School’s mission is “to equip saints for life in this world and the next.” For more than 50 years we have been true to our mission, and always will be. We do live our mission every day through our core values: Faith. Community. Virtue. Christian Service. Academic Excellence. Diversity and Inclusion.

Our vision is “to be one of the finest high schools, providing the highest quality, student-centered Catholic education.” To that end, we are implementing a collaborative strategic plan.  Through the planning process, two of the greatest priorities we have identified for the upcoming year are that we will further strengthen Carroll’s Academic Quality and Catholic Identity.

  • Academic Quality: We continue to assist all of our students in gaining acceptance into their top college choice, offering consistent support to students for all four years and tracking the progress of students after they graduate from Carroll. We are also implementing a program to raise/maintain the SAT average at or above 1100 by creating new courses for freshmen, using the Khan Academy in our Math classes, establishing an SAT prep program and adding the nationally renowned “Project Lead The Way” program in engineering.
  • Catholic Identity: We are increasing communication about ministry and service opportunities, coordinating prayer services and meaningful service projects with athletics teams, and creating additional service opportunities for all students.

Carroll is blessed to have a high-achieving student body (the Class of 2018 earned more than $32 million in college scholarships), an engaged faculty and staff, loyal alumni and generous donors, all making positive contributions to the unique community that is Carroll.

As we prepare for our next 50 years, Archbishop John Carroll High School will continue to be the Catholic high school of choice, #WhereSuccessBegins!

Francis E. Fox ‘77