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Mission, Vision & Values


Archbishop John Carroll High School, a co-educational secondary school within the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, is committed to excellence in the areas of spiritual, academic, and social development. By guiding our students in the development of their goals within the context of a meaningful relationship with God, others, and self, we challenge them to responsible stewardship in the world. With Christ as our model, the school accomplishes this challenge through the dedication of a professional staff who educate their students by implementing innovative and competitive methodologies to prepare the twenty-first century learner for the ever-changing world.


To be one of the finest high schools, providing the highest quality, student-centered, Catholic education.


Faith Community
Christian Service
Academic Excellence
Diversity and Inclusion

School Philosophy

Archbishop John Carroll High School, a co-educational academic community in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, dedicates itself to the living of the gospel within the Catholic tradition. We endeavor to continue and to enhance the formative role of both parents and parish by creating an authentically Christian environment. Our students come from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and we strive to achieve mutual respect among all members of this faith community. We demonstrate that “Carroll Cares” by the personalized attention we give to every student. Educating the whole person, we guide each student in developing a meaningful relationship with God and all people. We challenge them to responsible service in the world beyond the school.

Aware of the global need for morally discerning and technically competent leaders, our academic program emphasizes a value-centered approach to critical thinking and decision-making. Our broad-based curriculum is adapted to the students’ varying levels of intellectual capability. We urge our students to be academically accountable while participating in a full array of athletics and extra-curricular activities. We hope to instill in our students the lifelong necessity of personal faith, scholastic achievement and social involvement. With Christ as our model, we, the Archbishop John Carroll community, commit ourselves to a better America through lives of personal integrity and generous service.


One of the youngest of the high schools in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, our school honors the name of Archbishop John Carroll, the first American bishop. As a man of piety, patriotism, and great intellect, Archbishop Carroll promoted spiritual and cultural growth in our nation during a critical and formative period (1776-1815) in American history.

Archbishop John Carroll High School was founded in 1967 as one of more than 22 high schools of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Originally built and operated as two separate schools (a high school for boys, and a high school for girls), Carroll became a co-educational school in September of 1986 when the two merged as one. In 1993, open enrollment in the archdiocesan schools enabled the Carroll community to embrace an even larger and more diverse area of the diocese, opening its doors to students from Delaware, Montgomery, Chester, and Philadelphia counties, representing more than 75 archdiocesan parishes and communities.

For 50 years, the Carroll community has been an integral part of the mission of the Church of Philadelphia. A dedicated and professional staff of archdiocesan priests, sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart, Sisters of St. Joseph, lay women and men devote countless hours and energy to the ongoing mission of Catholic education.