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Scrip Program

Archbishop Carroll Scrip & Tuition Credit Program

The Archbishop Carroll Scrip & Tuition Credit Program can help families save on their son or daughter’s tuition by turning money spent on everything from groceries to gas into tuition credits.  Scrip is essentially a retail gift card that is purchased through Carroll rather than directly through the store.  Because Carroll is a non-profit, the gift card (Scrip) is purchased at a discounted rate and these net saving are then passed on to the family as tuition credits.

Ordering Scrip

Scrip can be purchased by submitting a completed paper order form to the Tuition Office, or by going online to  All order forms and checks should specify the student’s Carroll ID number.  All purchased scrip can be picked up in the Tuition Office.

–> Download the a printable order form

–> Download the printable order from for ONLY GIANT

–> Click here for more information

Ordering Scrip Online

If ordering scrip online, kindly follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Get Started” to create an account, or sign in for an existing account
  3. Select “Join Your Existing Program”
  4. Enter Enrollment Code: 5F56DE9A823
  5. Follow the steps to setup the username, password, and personal information
  6. Select retailers and submit the scrip order
  7. Send check or money order to Archbishop Carroll High School

For all scrip orders, whether submitted by printed form or through, please send check or money order made payable to:

Archbishop Carroll High School


211 Matson Ford Road

Radnor, PA 19087

Scrip orders are filled every Thursday.  ACME and GIANT scrip is available on-hand; all other retailers take one week to fulfill.  Please make sure to clearly write the student ID number of tuition credit recipient on all checks, money orders, and printed forms.  The tuition credit will be applied to the family’s FACTS  account the next billing cycle after the scrip purchase (ex. the tuition credit for a September scrip purchase will be posted in October’s monthly tuition bill).  Extended family and friends of Carroll students are welcome to participate in the scrip program.

Popular Retailers & Rebates

Carroll passes on 90% of the retailer rebate to families as tuition credit.  Some of the popular scrip retailers and their individual rebates are listed below.

Acme4%Giant4%Panera9%The GAP14%
Amazon.com3%Home Depot4%Shell2%Walgreens6%
Barnes & Nobles8%Kohl’s4%Starbucks7%Walmart2.50%
CVS Pharmacy6%Lowe’s4%Sunoco3%Wawa1.50%
Dunkin’ Donuts2.50%Macy’s10%Target2.50%WholeFoods 3%


Sharon Corbett, Scrip Coordinator
(610) 688-7610 x. 121 – Thursdays 9:00am – 12:00pm