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Course Catalog

This academic information catalog is a vehicle, which helps demonstrate our living witness of our Mission and Philosophy as it is experienced throughout our curricular offerings. It has been prepared to assist in the course selection process.

The selection of courses is a responsibility that requires time, patience and careful consideration. It is important that the course selection process be made with input from those qualified to assist with it.

Involvement of the following individuals will help ensure an appropriate selection of courses:

  • The student must evaluate honestly personal abilities and potential, aptitudes and achievements, needs and interests.
  • Parents should engage the student in a frank discussion on the previous considerations in order to reach a collective decision that will best serve the child’s educational welfare.
  • Teachers, past and present, are good sources of advice since they have witnessed firsthand the scholastic performance of the student.
  • Teachers of courses being considered know the academic demands of these courses and the level of performance expected of the student.
  • Guidance Counselors are well informed about the general college and career requirements necessary to attain specific goals.