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Diocesan Scholars Program

Twelve Catholic colleges in the Philadelphia area in cooperation with the Secondary School System of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia sponsor the Diocesan Scholars Program.

The program is designed to honor those students who have excelled academically and to provide them with the opportunity to gain experience at the collegiate level while continuing their valued involvement and growth in the high school community. The top thirty juniors, by fifth-semester cumulative class rank, are invited to make formal application and interview for the program. In addition to three Carroll classes, students are required to take two courses each semester of senior year at one of the following colleges: Cabrini College, St. Charles Seminary, Immaculata College, Neumann College, Rosemont College, St. Joseph University and Villanova University. Students earn both high school (track 5 credit) and college credit; they are expected to maintain at least a B average.  No college tuition is assessed. College classes are normally scheduled in the morning; Carroll classes in the afternoon. Students are expected to provide their own transportation.