Alumni Spotlight: Jordan Machita ‘16 

Jordan Machita ’16 is a senior at the University of Tampa, where he is double majoring in Finance and Mathematical Programming.  At UT, he was a Resident Assistant and Lead Resident Assistant. He is currently a member of the UT Skydiving Club and a brother of Delta Sigma Pi, UT’s coed professional business fraternity.  He is also highly involved in the Catholic Student Organization, the Math Club, and intramural sports.  He spent the summer before his junior year in Barcelona, Spain as a Token Economics Modeling Intern for a start-up.  He’s worked as a Corporate Finance Analyst and interned with Citi Group on their Prime Finance team in Tampa.   During his time in Barcelona, Jordan visited 11 different countries and he visited 3 more in Europe this past summer.

What has Jordan learned from his experiences? “I fell in love with traveling and meeting new people at hostels all across Europe.  I have enjoyed the adrenaline rushes of running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, and skydiving at UT.  Through my internships, I have worked at companies with as little as 7 employees and with as many as over 200,000.  This has helped me figure out what I am looking to gain from a job and throughout my career.  Interning has helped me identify the type of work I like to do and just as importantly, the type of work I know I do not want to do.  Being an RA and then LRA has taught me the importance of building relationships and supporting people.  I have gotten to be involved in people’s lives from their first day at UT to their junior year and I have watched as they have grown and changed.  This has enabled me to be more reflective.  Throughout all of my experiences, I have learned that life is what you make it and there is no wrong path.  My goals and dreams have changed significantly over the years as I discover my passions and decide how I want to pursue them.”

How has Carroll made an impact on you? “Carroll is where it all started for me.  I began to discover my passions at Carroll and whether I knew it or not, I was gaining the skills and knowledge needed to pursue them.  The first time I left North America was on a trip organized by Carroll teachers to Italy, France, and Spain.  This was the start of my travels as I have now visited 14 countries in Europe on several trips since then, some of which have been with other Carroll alum.  I am so grateful for that first trip because my teachers sparked excitement about travel and culture in me that has only grown since.  Additionally, Carroll was where I first started to fall in love with math.  Even as I take advanced math classes now, I use the skills I learned from Mr. Kirsch’s algebra classes.  I was pushed in AP Calc my senior year and that allowed me to go straight to Calc II.  I was a member of mathletes, which helped me learn even more outside of my classes to prepare me for college.  Whenever I come back to visit Carroll, I am reminded of the support I received and the skills I learned from my teachers, who are still invested in my success to this day.  The friendships I made at Carroll that are still intact today have provided me with traveling companions and a support system as I approach four years since graduation.  The endurance I learned from cross-country and my time on the crew team helps me to keep running on my own even though I miss the team environment.  Carroll taught me to push myself and to pursue whatever goals I set.  This has been pivotal in my college career.”

We are thankful to be a part of your success!  Keep up the great work, Jordan!