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Academic Resource Center

Our Academic Resource Center focuses on students who have current Individualized Educational Plan’s (IEP), 504 plans and educational psychological evaluations. Students who need academic support to compensate for learning differences will be provided an Archbishop Carroll Accommodation Plan based on prior IEP’s and/or current educational psychological evaluations.  Accommodations will be provided based on the recommendations outlined in their educational psychological- evaluations and implemented to the best of the teachers’ abilities and resources to help the student succeed in the classroom.  Students who have a formal plan will also be given the opportunity to enroll in an academic support class as part of their daily schedule.  
During the Academic Support Class, the Resource Center staff members will provide review and re-teaching opportunities of key concepts and support in executive functioning skills such as organization, time management, study skills, and anxiety. Each student’s individualized needs and goals are also monitored and reviewed through a series of progress monitoring and performance based assessments.  Archbishop Carroll’s Academic Resource Center helps students with learning accommodations to postgraduate opportunities, including college, technical schools, or other career options.