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Why Give?

 Archbishop Carroll Student Smiling

 Archbishop Carroll High School LogoArchbishop Carroll High School is a dynamic and engaging Catholic community where young men and women gain the skills to become leaders of tomorrow. Our Carroll culture starts with meaningful connections that are strong and overlapping interactions among all members of the school community. Archbishop Carroll prides itself on our warm and nurturing environment. We strive to provide the best possible high school experience for our students and faculty through a deep exploration of our Catholic faith, rigorous academic offerings, competitive athletic teams, cutting edge programs, and a wide variety of clubs and activities.

With many great accomplishments and enhancements to our expansive campus, it is easy to think, “Carroll is doing great! They don’t need any help from me.” In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Archbishop Carroll’s success is built on the tradition of support from alumni, parents, and friends who have chosen to make Carroll’s success a priority. Their commitment to a Carroll education has helped make Carroll the school and community that it is today. Offering this same support is what you can do for today’s students and faculty, as well as for the next generation of Patriots.

Cost remains a major obstacle for many who wish to receive a Catholic education. Close to 70% of Carroll students receive financial aid. Without this financial assistance, many of our students would not have the opportunity to receive the academically excellent, faith-centered education Carroll provides.

The generosity of our donors helps Carroll students daily. The majority of gifts received are applied to our robust scholarship program helping to bridge the gap between a student’s financial aid package and the family’s ability to choose Carroll as an affordable option. While this gets us closer to our goals, we need more supporters to help Carroll remain competitive and affordable in today’s market.

So, why give?

People give to Carroll for many reasons. They give because they believe in our mission or because they received a scholarship and want to pay the generosity forward. People give in memory of friends, teachers, or loved ones and because of the fond memories they hold from their time here. People give simply because they love Archbishop Carroll!

Your gift will have a very real impact on the lives of our students and their families. Each and every gift to Carroll is appreciated and makes a difference!


Please contact Nora McGeever, Director of Institutional Advancement, at 610-688-7610 x 149 or [email protected]