It’s hard to believe that a new academic school year is just around the corner! The Carroll faculty, staff, and administration is enthusiastically looking forward to the 2019-2020 school year with growth in faith, academics, and extracurricular activities, highlighted by our welcoming of The Grayson School to the Carroll school grounds. Sharing our expansive school with Grayson adds another very unique dimension of diversity to our campus, provides The Grayson School with expanded resources and flexibility for continued growth, while making Archbishop Carroll High School a more fiscally sound academic institution.
The Archbishop Carroll community will share our campus in a limited and carefully coordinated effort. Construction began over the summer to formally separate The Grayson School from Carroll.
Walls are being demised and new doors installed. The Grayson School will provide their own security and maintenance. They will also have their own cafeteria, classrooms, administrative areas, and bathrooms. Carroll and Grayson will be sharing on a limited basis, our auditorium, gymnasium, and a designated athletic area between the football and soccer fields. There is also a planned playground area located behind the Christian Brothers’ house.
Idea sharing and training is a common practice at The Grayson School, as they have one of the most innovative professional development models in the country. Although the school organizations will be separate, The Grayson School and Archbishop Carroll look forward to potential Act 48 partnership opportunities.
Frank Fox ‘77, President of Archbishop Carroll, believes the addition of The Grayson School positions Carroll as one of the most academically diverse high schools in the country. “St. Katherine’s, Carroll, and The Grayson School under one roof creates the most dynamic learning environment you could possibly imagine.”
“We anticipate a strong partnership with The Grayson School. In the competitive world of education, The Grayson School lease provides significant financial stability to Carroll with a strategic academic partner, similar to our 20-year relationship with the St. Katherine day school. The Archbishop Carroll community and the Office of Catholic education are eager to open our doors to The Grayson School and welcome their educational model to our community,“ said Fox.
About The Grayson School:
The Grayson School is Pennsylvania’s only independent, non-profit school created specifically for gifted learners in grades Pre-K through twelve. Click here to read full article.