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Athletic Training Room


The Athletic Training Room (ATR) is located on the ground floor between the weight room and the cafeteria. It can be accessed from the inside or outside (Door “P”).


Monday-Friday: The Athletic Trainer arrives by 1:30PM Monday through Friday and remains on-site until all practices and games have ended for the day. 

Weekends: The Athletic Trainer will be present for home competitions only and necessary practices.

Reporting Injuries

It is integral that ALL injuries at practices and games (home or away) get reported to the athletic trainer as soon as possible in order to take care of the student athlete and ensure they receive proper treatment for their injury. I maintain the athletic training room at the school, which has many resources for treatment, rehabilitation and recovery for athletic injuries. I also have direct access to Penn Sports Medicine and the resources they offer. We are able to ensure quick and top-knotch care of athletic injuries sustained by Carroll athletes. In addition to injury evaluations performed by myself, we also have a referral system in place with our Team Physician, Dr. John Vasudevan as well as some of the top sports medicine physicians at Penn Medicine. Appointments can typically be arranged within 24-48 hours.

Whenever an athlete seeks care from a physician for an athletic injury, that athlete must submit a physician’s note clearing them to fully return to play before they do so. Parent notes are not acceptable.

Athletic Training Room Rules

  1. Our athletic training room is a place of treatment and care, not a social hub for student athletes.
  2. Please do not enter unless the Athletic Trainer is present.
  3. Please make sure to sign in!
  4. Cleanliness is of the utmost importance.  Please be mindful of your footwear.
  5. Leave personal belongings elsewhere.
  6. Our athletic training room is an extension of the classroom. Foul language and horseplay are strictly forbidden.
  7. Permission is required by our Athletic Trainer before anything leaves the athletic training facility.
  8. Treat the athletic training room with respect.
  9. Please NO eating in the ATR.
  10.  Respect and value our Athletic Training staff.