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Physical Therapy

If you are in need of physical therapy, the athletic trainer works for ATI physical therapy and can get you an appointment right away! Here is the link to the ATI website so you can become more informed with the company and their policies:


ATI has multiple locations in PA and DE. To find the most convenient location for you, please click below:



If insurance is an issue, or if your doctor has given you specific directions due to your insurance, please do not worry! ATI’s policy is to treat everyone fairly and equally, regardless of insurance type. For more information click here:

FREE Injury Screens:

If your child gets injured and you want a second opinion without seeing a doctor, ATI offers FREE injury screens at all of their locations! Please seek your athletic trainer for help setting up an appointment for a screen, or click here for more information: complimentary-injury-screenings


If getting your child to/from physical therapy is an issue, ATI offers one-way transportation to, or from, the clinic. Please click here to find out if the clinic of your choice offers transportation: