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Calendar and Schedules

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Team Schedules

Fall Sports

Cheerleading:  Varsity
Crew: Girls   Boys
Cross Country – Girls: Varsity
Cross Country – Boys: Varsity
Field Hockey: Varsity   JV
Football: Varsity   JV   Freshman
Golf: Varsity 
Soccer – Girls: Varsity   JV
Soccer – Boys: Varsity   JV
Tennis – Girls: Varsity
Volleyball: Varsity   JV

Winter Sports

Basketball – Girls: Varsity   JV
Basketball – Boys:
  Varsity   JV
Bocce – Girls: Varsity
Bocce – Boys: Varsity
Cheerleading: Varsity
Fencing: Varsity
Ice Hockey: Varsity
Indoor Track – Girls: Varsity
Indoor Track – Boys: Varsity
Swimming – Girls: Varsity   
Swimming – Boys:
Wrestling: Varsity

Spring Sports

Baseball: Varsity   JV
Crew: Girls   Boys
Lacrosse – Girls: Varsity   JV
Lacrosse – Boys: Varsity   JV
Outdoor Track and Field – Girls: Varsity   JV
Outdoor Track and Field – Boys:
Varsity   JV
Softball: Varsity   JV
Tennis – Boys: Varsity