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Facilities Use Form

Archbishop Carroll High School Building Use Procedures


APPLICATION PROCESSING: Requests are received at the Athletic Office for review by our school for proper information and schedule availability. All applications are approved by the Assistant Principal or Athletic Director. After these steps are taken, a confirming e-mail will be sent to the organization.  Please allow approximately two (2) weeks for this process.

PROCTORS: Each organization using the facilities must appoint their own PROCTOR to oversee the group and associated spectators with protection of the property in mind. The PROCTOR’S NAME MUST be listed on the application and that individual MUST be in attendance whenever the organization is using the facility.

Failure to comply may be grounds for the organization’s expulsion and future denial of

facility use. It is recommended that the group select one (1) proctor for each 300 in anticipated attendance. This proctor shall have no other duties than to adhere to PROCTOR RESPONSIBILITIES.

FEES: Lump sum rental fees will be charged for the facilities used, depending upon the type of organization and the purpose of the event. In addition, the following equipment charges will be assessed as necessitated by the activity. These fees may be adjusted annually. Please see the rental fees and classifications document.

A building custodian will be on duty for all events. Staffing fees will be charged to the organization accordingly.

STAFF WAGES: Custodial, Cafeteria, Security, Audio Visual, Light and Sound Technician services will be based upon the current individual bargaining unit agreement. A weekend differential will be applied as required. An estimate of these costs can be requested by the organization, upon approval of their event.

All Kitchen facility rentals require staffing by Aramark. Additional charges for Food Service staff and food (if supplied) will be billed by Aramark.

QUESTIONS?  Contact Tom Quintois, Athletic Director.