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Girls Soccer

Head Coach: Thomas J. Quintois
Assistant Varsity Coach:  Sheldon (Shelly) Chamberlain
JV Head Coach and Keeper Coach: Eric Eichinger

Program Philosophy:  

  • Develop the student-athlete and our team
  • Cultivate a love, passion and respect for our  game
  • Develop lifelong relationships and memories
  • Write individual and team SMART goals for the day, week or season
  • Create a one team feel between Varsity and JV
  • Give back to our community
  • Catholic Identity through athletic participation
  • Develop a culture where student-athletes believe in the program and one another
  • Develop a passion to want to win as a team!


  • Tryouts will be held August 12, 13, 14, 2019,  8:00 am – 2:00 pm

The Carroll Tryout Standard:

  • All players are physically fit
  • All players are technically and tactically sound
  • All players are committed, have a positive attitude and are coachable

Pre-season Schedule:

  • 8:00 am – 2:00 pm (please report each day to our match field by 7:45 am)
  • On the field training (specific keeper training during this time)
  • Eat lunch (we ask that the players bring lunch or a healthy snack)
  • Lifting/conditioning/team building activities

In Season Training Schedule: Beginning after Labor Day

  • 3:00-5:00 pm daily on Soccer Field
  • JV and Varsity will train at the same time and location

Player Expectations:

  • Be a good teammate and respect the game, coaches, officials and our opponents
  • WORK HARD at all times and BE COMPETITIVE during practices and games
  • Advocate for themselves
  • Demonstrate leadership/citizenship skills that foster individual, team and program success
  • Be on time, committed and appropriately equipped
  • Accept feedback
  • Keep up with outstanding grades
  • Be mentally and physically prepared each day
  • Make good personal decisions on and off the field
  • Have fun!

Coaches Expectations:

  • Be fair, consistent, respect the game
  • Emphasize academics as a priority
  • Be available for and provide feedback
  • Prepare our team physically and tactically to compete
  • Advocate of players outside of high school and within our school
  • Provide student-athletes opportunities to improve throughout the year
  • Continue to incorporate Catholic Identity into the program
  • Serve as a mentor and an example to all of the student-athletes at all times

Parent Expectations:

  • Positively support our program
  • Be accepting of coaches’ decisions
  • Encourage your daughter to advocate for herself
  • Respect the 24-hour rule when you feel it necessary to speak to the coach
  • Register student-athletes on Family ID

Player Fitness Standards:

  • We will conduct a 2-mile timed run and push-ups/planks/sit-ups (baseline test)
  • We will stretch, run shuttles/sprints and lift daily (speed and agility)
  • Maintain a healthy diet and appropriate sleep patterns