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Head Coach: Josh Patota
Assistant Coach: Marissa Loro

About Carroll Swimming:

Archbishop Carroll Swimming is a different kind of sport at the high school. We have taken on many students who are new to the sport that look at it as a way to stay in shape for their primary sports during fall, spring, and summer seasons. This is highly encouraged since swimming pushes the endurance of every part of the body with a low risk of injury. With these students, we tend to focus on improving their stroke so they can set goals for themselves and be the best they can be at the sport.

Carroll Swimming is also excellent for experienced swimmers. In swimming, the Philadelphia Catholic League gives our skilled swimmers a chance to flourish against other swimmers on their same level in the division. Additionally, our practices are flexible for swimmers participating in other aquatic clubs during the winter season. The greatest benefit of all for our veteran swimmers is a chance to be a leader and teacher for our novice athletes on how to improve their strokes and become team players.

One main differentiation from other sports is the athlete’s ability to influence the practices. Our coaching style remains focused on improvement but with an added entertainment value in the practices. Through our experiences, swimmers get out what they put into it and we have seen most improvement from a higher willingness to attend practices. That is why we open the floor to athletes’ suggestions and meet them half-way, so that our practices are tough yet fun for our athletes.

Goals and Objectives:

  • To provide experienced swimmers a chance to become a team leader and be successful in the sport.
  • To give new swimmers a great way to stay in shape for the winter season.
  • To make each swimmer a better athlete and team player.
  • To allow all swimmers to have fun along the way.

Practice Days and Times:

Monday through Thursday at Cabrini University.
2 hours, practice times vary anytime between 4:00 and 9:00 pm.