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Faith and Service

Dear Friends in Christ,

At Archbishop John Carroll High School, we challenge our students and all in our Carroll community to be a welcoming people “for God and country,” which is our school motto.

We want all those connected to Carroll to grow and become good Christian gentlemen, women, and citizens. Jesus Christ and His Church is at the very heart of the Archbishop Carroll High School community.

We fulfill the mission of Carroll by providing students with many opportunities to encounter Jesus Christ in Word, Sacrament, and activities, all designed to nourish their relationship with the Lord. Like Jesus, at Carroll, we are called to meet our students where they are at in their faith life and bring them to the next level. Students are taught in all of our faith initiatives that God has a purpose and a plan for their lives. We challenge them not to be afraid to be their true, authentic selves and share the message of the Gospel to others.

As a Catholic-Christian community, Archbishop Carroll High School is a source through which each member may deepen his or her personal relationship with God. By engaging the spiritual life at Carroll, young people talk about their faith openly and practice it with enthusiasm alongside their classmates, administration, faculty, and staff. All are welcome and invited to come to know Christ Jesus.


Father Mark Cavara
Director of Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry Center
Room 222 (West Wing)
610-688-7610 x 125

As a class, students participate in a retreat experience each year. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors spend a day with class members focusing on a chosen theme and examining how that theme relates to them. These retreats offer an opportunity for students to identify with classmates and explore their relationships with God and one another. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, this day provides students with an opportunity to encounter Jesus, reflect upon the movement of God in their lives, and formulate their personal response to the call of discipleship received in Baptism. The administration, faculty, and staff also participate in an annual retreat for their own spiritual growth and faith formation.

Mass Cards
Mass is offered every day in our Carroll chapel during the school year. If you would like to have a Mass said for someone or to purchase a Carroll Mass card for a special intention or for a deceased relative or friend, please contact the Office of the School Minister.

Steubenville in New York City
20 upcoming sophomores are invited yearly to grow in their Catholic faith by attending a Steubenville youth conference at St. John’s University in New York City. It takes place over a three-day weekend in the summer. Carroll students meet thousands of Catholic teens across the country to be inspired to live out their faith life back at school and home. They hear charismatic Catholic speakers and participate in the Mass and Eucharistic Adoration in an exciting, vibrant way.

Student Altar Servers, Sacristans, Lectors
Students are encouraged to participate in school liturgies by becoming lectors, sacristans for daily Mass, and altar servers. Training will be provided. Students may stop by to get involved in the Campus Ministry Office.