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Monthly Lunch Menu

  • Per Aramark: no lunch menus will be released for May.  Specials will be determined on a day-by-day basis.

QuikLunch will continue to be utilized as our computerized debit system. Students will use their assigned Student ID for their personal identification number (PIN) to access their account (this is your six digit POWER SCHOOL NUMBER).  Pin numbers are used for all transactions including cash sales. Your child will be given a barcode to place on their student ID for convenient scanning. This system will greatly improve line speed.

We are excited to announce that our online payment system has been enhanced and is now called PaySchools Central. This system not only allows you to pay for meals through an easy-to-use online portal (, you can also use a convenient mobile app, for on the go use and management of your student’s lunch account! users can use their existing username & password to access PaySchools Central.  You will need to add your student to your account.  For new users creating an account is easy, quick and free! Once your account is created simply add your child to the system using their student ID number and school district (Archdiocese of Philadelphia).

Once your account is created, you will find a variety of features that will make the management of your student’s account easier such as detailed purchase reports, email reminders, and more.  Lunch deposits payed online will incur an internet convenience fee. When using a debit or credit card this fee is 4.75% per transaction. The ACH fee when using an electronic check is $1.75 per transaction.

You can also continue to send direct payment through cash, a certified check, or a money order to your school’s cafeteria via mail or your student can bring it directly to the school cafeteria. No fee is assessed with direct payments. Please note non-certified personal checks are not accepted.

ARAMARK is the cafeteria provider for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia High Schools.  All questions regarding the POS system can be directed to the Aramark Cafeteria Manager at your school.  Balances for returning students will be carried over to the next school year.  We highly recommend that you monitor the account balance as the school year comes to a close, to minimize the amount of money that is carried over or any auto replenish of funds. Monies may also be transferred to siblings or if your child transfers to another Archdiocesan High School. users: follow these instructions to set up a PaySchools Central account:

  • Go to PaySchools Central website.
  • Log on to account
  • Click on User
  • Click on Manage Students/Patrons
  • Click on Add Student/Patron
  • Enter State (Pennsylvania)
  • Enter School District (Archdiocese of Philadelphia)
  • Enter ID (10+student id#)
  • Enter First Name
  • Enter Last Name

PaySchools phone number: 1-800-572-6642