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Student Health Office

Student Physicals

Archbishop John Carroll High School requires a physical examination, including all immunizations, for all new students to Carroll and all 11th grade students.  Physical forms are due before the first day of school.  Forms may be submitted up to one year prior to the opening of the school term.   Examinations done by a family physician within one year prior to the opening of the school term are acceptable by state regulations.

Please keep the school nurse informed of any medical changes, treatments, or immunizations that your child has received so that his/her health record is current. Up-to-date information is essential in an emergency situation.

—> Download the Student Physical Form – Please Note: This form is not interchangeable with the Sports Physical Form that is required by the PIAA for athletic participation

—> Download the PIAA Sports Physical Form

—> See the current Pennsylvania School Immunization Program Requirements

The State of Pennsylvania now requires that children be up-to-date with vaccines on the first day of school (or have a medical plan) or risk exclusion by day 5.


The only medications that are on hand in the Health Room for students are acetaminophen (Tylenol), Ibuprofen (Advil/ Motrin), and Tums.  Parental permission must be given before any of these medications can be administered.  Please complete the the Emergency Information Card to give the Health Office permission to administer the above medications.

Over the counter medication, other than the ones mentioned above, along with prescription medications, will not be administered in school without specific orders from a physician and a parental signature.  

—> Download the Medication Administration Form

—> Emergency Information Card

For students who have medication that they self administer (insulin, inhalers, epi-pens, etc.), the following still applies. It must also be noted by the physician that the student is to self administer the medication according to all details that follow.

The Medication Administration Form must be completed and should accompany the prescription to be kept on file in the Health Office for the current school year.  Medication should be brought to the school nurse in the original container that includes the following information on the label: student’s name, date prescription was filled, medication name, time and dosage to be administered, and the name of the prescribing physician.

All medication paperwork must be updated each year.

At the end of the school year, remaining medications should be picked up before the last day of school, otherwise they will be destroyed in the presence of a school administrator.

Please notify the school nurse of any medication changes.

Allergies/ Asthma / Diabetes

All students who have asthma and/or allergies, either mild or severe, have the option of keeping a back-up inhaler and/or epi-pen in the Health Office.  This is advisable because students might get separated from their medications.  This can happen even to the most responsible student.  If you wish to have an extra inhaler and/or epi-pen in the Health Room in case of an emergency, please turn in the proper paperwork and medication to the school nurse.

Diabetics should also have extra supplies in school just in case the student runs out or is separated from his/her supplies. Please contact the school nurse to discuss this individually.

Parents whose child has specific health concerns are advised to schedule an appointment or phone conversation with the school nurse before the start of school.

A to Z: Flu

Learn more about the influenza virus through the CDC page below.

—> Learn more about the flu and how to prevent it 

Medical Concerns

Please be advised that if you choose to disclose your child’s medical information to his or her teachers, there are two options for communicating this information:
1. You may notify your child’s teachers directly.
2. You can notify the nurse by email or phone and have the nurse pass this information on to each of your child’s teachers.

Because of legitimate concerns over issues of confidentiality expressed in the HIPPA and FERPA guidelines established by the federal government, you have the right to decide how the school is to handle your child’s personal medical records. There is no blanket policy set by the school to alert teachers of students’ medical issues.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school at 610-688-7610. 

Please complete and submit the required health forms prior to the start of school to:

Archbishop Carroll High School
ATTN: Office of Student Services
211 Matson Ford Road
Radnor, PA 19087