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Student Handbook and Discipline

The system of discipline in a Catholic school has as its basic purpose the teaching of responsibility to God, to self and to others. An effective discipline code contributes toward establishing a proper educational atmosphere in school thereby promoting personal, social, academic and spiritual growth. Students expect to attend classes in a well-ordered atmosphere, conducive to learning. This pre-supposes clean, healthful surroundings in an environment of Christian concern. Regulations are developed to support the student in the pursuit of self-discipline and the development of mutual respect and trust. School is a social situation, therefore, the right of the majority to learn always supersedes the right of the individual to disrupt. Violations of the rights of others incur automatic consequences and each student is expected to know this and to assume responsibility for his/her actions. While the Assistant Principal for Student Services [APSS] is directly responsible for overseeing and coordinating all discipline efforts, discipline is the responsibility of everyone—students, parents, administration, faculty and staff.

Maintaining and implementing the school code is the responsibility of every member of the Carroll community. Students, staff and faculty should, through their behavior, reinforce the ideals expressed by the code and encourage every student to do likewise.

The student handbook constitutes a contract of the school with parents and students. School jurisdiction in academics and behavior is detailed in the handbook but not limited to it. Additional policies developed by the Carroll administration are equally binding. School jurisdiction is not limited to school hours or school property. A student at Archbishop Carroll High School is considered a student 24 hours a day. Any behavior in which the school reputation may be affected falls under school jurisdiction; this includes any fighting or misconduct that involves Archbishop Carroll students.

Students involved in behavior contrary to school policy or school philosophy are subject to the same academic and disciplinary policies that regulate the school day and the school grounds, including the possibility of expulsion.