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Coronavirus and Public Health Information Page

Coronavirus and Public Health Information Page

This page will serve as a central resource for Archbishop Carroll community members. Real-time updates, the status of ongoing decisions, and helpful resources will be posted here. The school will also proactively email (and possibly text/call) parents and students regarding any significant changes to regular school operations that would directly impact them throughout the coming months.

Archbishop Carroll Correspondence:

AOP Athletics Update September 25, 2020

Covid-19 Update September 22, 2020

Virtual Classes for Quarter 1 September 22, 2020

Back to School Night September 21, 2020

Financial Aid Night September 18, 2020

Mass Procedures September 17, 2020

Roster Review September 17, 2020

Ring Mass Update September 17, 2020

Ring Mass September 17, 2020

First Archbishop Carroll Mass September 17, 2020

Positive Covid-19 Case September 15, 2020

Day 1 Reminders September 15, 2020

First Day Change September 14, 2020

Guidance College Info September 14, 2020

Freshmen Orientation Information September 13, 2020

A Message from our Communications Director September 10, 2020

Back to School Information- Sophomore September 10, 2020

Back to School Information- Juniors September 9, 2020

Virtual Student Orientation September 8, 2020

Back to School Information September 8, 2020

Class of 2021 Ring Mass September 4, 2020

Senior Fleece Reminder September 4, 2020

Archbishop Carroll Orientation Information September 3, 2020

Class of 2021 College Transcript Parent Permission Form September 2, 2020

SAT Update Class of 2021 September 2, 2020

Father Cavara Campus Ministry Update September 2, 2020

Aramark Lunch Update September 1, 2020

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Technology Updates

All technical issues require a trouble ticket to be opened before the problem is addressed. Trouble tickets can easily be opened by sending an e-mail

Please note:

–          Do not send multiple e-mails to for the same issue as it will cause more delays.

–          Tickets will be addressed by the severity of the problem reported.

–          Do not try to work around this procedure by escalating an issue on your own as it will divert others from their main focus, and I will still require a trouble ticket. I will also still have to work on the more severe of the issues.

–          If your problem doesn’t get addressed immediately please do not take it personally. There is a lot going on!

–          POWERSCHOOL – Mr. Malloy can help with some student/parent/guardian issues. The most common issue is the use of the wrong hyperlink. The correct hyperlink is

–          SCHOOLOGY – Mr. Malloy can help with some student issues. The most common issue is the use of the wrong hyperlink. The correct hyperlink is

Important Update from Nurse Lerario

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that childhood immunizations continue to be prioritized during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some parents may be reluctant to bring their children to a physician’s office or clinic during the pandemic. We are encouraging you to make appointments with your practitioner for your upcoming physicals and immunizations.

Helpful Resouces