Student Witnesses: John Lake ’20 & Alexa Tarasca ’20
“Genesis means the beginning, and for me it was the beginning of encountering a better relationship with God. Not only that, but the relief from stress and reality it allows those who go to have is why it’s continued for two years. “For where two or three are gathered together in my name I am within them”, so when we go to Genesis we’re not only supported by others but God, and we make up the Carroll Church. Going to Genesis knowing you have the support of everyone there can truly change someone’s day or even their life, and it should always be like that!”
“Imagine having that terrible day and being in a terrible mood all day. Then, imagine having one of those days and realizing there is a Genesis coming up or even that night. Genesis is that relief and that hope that you can talk to everyone about what is going on in your life without judgement. 2 years of Genesis has arrived, only because all of us in attendance. Genesis lives on because everyone keeps showing up for that sense of peace and relief away from their daily lives. The positivity spread in the chapel during Genesis is something everybody here and in the world needs to carry into their daily lives. Genesis means new beginnings and I think it means new beginnings for people so that they can flip their lives positively once they start going to Genesis.”