In the past 18 years, the United States has seen the election of three Presidents (Bush 2001-09, Obama 2009-17 and Trump 2017), the unveiling of the Apple iPod (2001), the creation of Facebook (2004), the election of two new Popes within the Catholic Church (Pope Benedict XVI 2005 and Pope Francis 2013) and the Philadelphia Eagles winning the Super Bowl (2018).

Throughout this timespan, one thing has remained a constant- the Archbishop Carroll’s girls’ lacrosse supremacy over the Philadelphia Catholic League.

Yesterday afternoon at Neumann-University, the Archbishop Carroll Patriots cruised to their 18th consecutive PCL title after defeating Cardinal O’Hara 18-3.

While the Lions were the first to find the back of the net off an early goal from senior Anna DiRita, the Patriots regained composure and took a 9-2 halftime lead. Ten different goal scorers tallied a point for Carroll in route to yet another Catholic League championship.

So, what has attributed to the Patriot’s 18 years of success? Let’s hear it from the players themselves: 

Abigail Riehman, Junior – “Our intensity in practice really helps. Coach (Lorraine) Beers does a great job keeping us focused at practice in order to get done what we need to get done. It’s just a really great team and we have a great support system.”

Sabrina Narda, Junior – “Definitely our defense, we really stepped it up this year. We are talking a lot on the field and our seniors have played a big part in that. Next year it’s going to be hard when they leave, but I think we can continue this success if we all talk together.”

Kellie Ann Matey, Sophomore – “I think it’s been a lot of teamwork this time. Everyone needed to do their part and put forth a lot of their effort.” Looking ahead… “Leadership is going to be a big part next year because we have a lot of skilled seniors this year that are leaving and we are going to miss them. But we will definitely need to step up even more next year.”

Jess Sulouff, Junior – “I think all of our hard practices, our three hour practices, and all of the running that we did this season contributed to our success this season and this (championship) win.”

Fabiana Narda, Sophomore – “Having more practices really attributed to our success, working together and being more like a team.”

Members of Archbishop Carroll’s squad also noted what made this championship special compared to past PCL titles:

Margeaux Pawelec, Senior, (La Salle University) – “Obviously, it’s a lot more special to me considering it’s my last year on the team. It’s very sentimental and I’m very sad that I will be leaving all of my best friends. But this year was definitely a lot trickier, considering O’Hara has come a long way skill wise. But, we came away with the win and I was happy to see it.”

Sydney D’Orsogna, Seniorm (La Salle University) – “Honestly, it’s the same thing every year, but this year we have such great team members. We are all really good friends and that just makes it better in my opinion.”

Katie Detwiler, Senior, (Loyola University) – “This year we just had to work extra hard for it. In the beginning of the season we started off with a rough start. It’s a different group of people, so we had a lot more to work on this year, but we wanted it just as bad.”

Rachel Matey, Senior, (James Madison University) – “We’ve won every year since I was here. But senior year, you obviously want to get that win.”


Carroll:  Katie Detwiler (3 goals, 2 assists), Kellie Anna Matey (3 goals), Sydney D’Orsogna (1 goal, 2 assists), Amber Germer (2 goals, 1 assist), Alex Cabahug-Almonte (2 goals, 3 assists), Juliana Keith (1 goal, 1 assist), Margeaux Pawelec (1 goal), Jess Sulouff (2 goals), Madison Henry (2 goals, 1 assist) and Grace Gallagher (1 goal). Julia Dellarata (3 saves).