Mr. Gallagher & Mr. Lafferty, both Business Teachers at Carroll conducted Junior Achievement Modules from the Junior Achievement of Delaware Valley. The Modules were over 7 classes and were completed in both 6th & 7th periods. The students learned about “Career Success” which is a 7 class module on what the job market looks like today, how to align your personal goals to the career you might want to pick, and finally the careers high school students might wish to pursue.

“Be Entrepreneurial” lets the student see the risks involved in being an entrepreneur.  Additionally, the students get to develop a fictitious product and/or service and have to market this in front of their class. Business Ethics and Business Plan Development are addressed during this Module.

All the Junior Achievement booklets and class materials are given to Carroll to help facilitate the teaching of Junior Achievement. Students’ comments have been very positive since the class follows the learning objective of: “Tell Me and I will Forget, Show Me and I will Remember, Involve me and I will Understand.”  The Modules have Games and Exercises which keep students active and engaged in the learning process. Product Development has been solar gadgets to Apps for your Smart phones.

The entire class operates on a “Team” teaching concept of learning. Many positive comments were received by the students involved like “this team-based learning was fun.  Involving myself in the games made me understand the concepts better.”