Members of the Classes of 2019 and 2020 were inducted  into the Archbishop John Carroll Chapter of the National Honor Society on Nov. 14, 2018. Mr. Ronald Cummings, Faculty members, was the keynote speaker.

He challenged the members to live up to the motto of the society, “Noblesse Oblige,” which in simple terms states, “Whoever claims to be noble (honored) must conduct themselves nobly (with honor). The challenge was in three parts; to honor self, others and God in their everyday lives and actions.

Class of 2019

 Jacob Antonello
Joshua Bowman
John Cawley
Yiran Deng
Molly DiCarlo
Grace Grube
Madison Henry
Amber Klepac
Alison Kuruc
John Longarini
Kailey McCarron
Sabrina Narda
Brianna O’Doherty
Daniel Organ
Connor Patzuk
Kay’Lin Peebles
Cecily Ritchie
Nicole Sonet
Sanh N. Vu
Zhaoyao Zhu
Class of 2020
Jason Abiuso
Thomas Anderson
Simon Bestany
James Blaisse
Elizabeth Carpenter
Rebecca Clay
Suzanne Conners
Megan Curry
Sophia Daly
Michael Dempsey
Julia DiRita
Alessandra Escajadillo
Nicholas Farrell
Cecilia Frohner
John Goehringer
Brendan Gould
Isabella Grube
Ryan Hoffman
Emily Hurd
Caitlyn Kindij
Thomas Lloyd
Kate McCarthy
Haley McGonigle
Sean Meals
Dylan Mendoza
Owen Noonan
Mateo Pascual
Audra Quigley
Skylar Smith
Maureen Soltys
Emma Sponholtz
Erin Sweeney
Hope Syron
Max Tyrell
Grace Varnum
Michael Volpe
Kevin Vu
Eva Webb
Courtney Woehlcke