We are very pleased to welcome new Accounting and Personal Finance teacher, Mr. John Lafferty to Archbishop Carroll. Mr. Lafferty, a life-long entrepreneur, hopes to bring his entrepreneurial spirit and experience to his students.

“Essentially my goal is to show my students the possibilities of business concepts. I know a lot of kids don’t appreciate business. They plan on being a doctor, so to them, why does business matter? I show them that it does matter, conveying to my students the importance of business and how the applies to their lives.”

About John Lafferty

Mr. Lafferty is an ’82 graduate of Malvern Prep, where he was taught by our very own Captain Boyce. After working at a family business for 25 years, Mr. Lafferty founded his company, Cell My Light. The company produces a solar-powered flashlight that can also function as a phone charger.

Lafferty developed his product after going to West Africa on a mission trip, where he took notice of the lack of civil infrastructure. “The infrastructure in West Africa was completely devastated,” Lafferty said. “The rebels stole all the utility wires and bombarded the hydroelectric plant. So, there’s no land lines for telephones in Liberia and there’s no electrical grid.” Since there was no electrical grid, it was very difficult to charge cell phones.

Lafferty saw that most West Africans had to walk 20-25 miles from their villages into cities to get their phone charged. “I developed this light so they could stay out in the country, and once they charged their own phone, they could become entrepreneurs and charge their neighbor’s phone and charge a fee for it,” Lafferty said.

Long before Mr. Lafferty started Cell My Light, he was an entrepreneur on Long Beach Island during his summers in high school. “I had my own seafood business in Long Beach Island, New Jersey. I sold crabs and clams to a lot of the seafood restaurants down at the shore. Here I was, this young teenager, but I had an ambition to sell,” Lafferty said. “I learned how to crab, bait traps, and how to bring stuff to market.”

In addition to Cell My Light, Mr. Lafferty and his wife, Jennifer, founded The Light of Marnie. The Light of Marnie is a public charity that funds humanitarian programs in the United States and abroad. The Light of Marine includes funding community projects for schools, utility infrastructure and medical care.

Mr. Lafferty is passionate about encouraging students who are looking to become entrepreneurs. “I think it’s very important that if a student has an idea, they should pursue it,” he said. “There are lot of teenagers that have really good ideas, and naturally because of their age, they’re fearful.

A man of service, Mr. Lafferty has volunteered for the past 15 years as a teacher at Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week, which is the largest business camp for high school students in the world. He also volunteers at the Junior Achievement program and hopes to bring similar classes to Archbishop Carroll.

We are thrilled to have Mr. Lafferty join our Archbishop Carroll community. Please join us in welcoming him.