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Embrace Your Faith at Carroll

Life is more than thought: what a person feels, and what the senses awaken, are more indispensable to life's fullness than subsequent reflection on their significance.
- John Carroll
At Archbishop Carroll High School, faith symbolizes a community of students who embrace spirituality at their own pace. When it comes to faith life at Carroll, it is often said that "we meet you where you are." There are students who arrive on campus who already have a strong grounding in their Christian values and relationship with God. There are students who come because they hoping to begin their faith journey. At Carroll, we support all students and all faiths, who want to be part of a supportive school community.
Our Campus Ministry Office is the hub in which all students feel welcomed to express where they are in their faith journey. Whether you are deeply rooted in our faith-based clubs, or just looking for a good conversation and mid-day break, the Campus Ministry Office's doors are always opened waiting to greet our students with kindness, grace, and support.