A Message from President Scott

Welcome to Archbishop John Carroll, a premier Catholic high school of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, where Patriots receive one of the finest Catholic educations available on our expansive 55-acre campus.
I thought as I completed my first six months at this wonderful school, it would be the perfect time to communicate with all of you.  As I was drafting this letter I couldn’t help but remember the last words my grandmother said to me before she passed away.  She said, “Tricia, just remember to live life well. Promise me that you will.”  I always wondered why she chose those words.  She was so serious in her request.  I remember thinking, “Was I not living my life well at that moment?  And what exactly did she mean?”  

So why am I telling you this?  Recently, I was gifted the book, Living Today Well by Father Thomas Dailey. I couldn’t help but recall my grandmother’s words.  Was it serendipitous that this book was handed to me at this moment in my life?  Well, if you knew my grandmother….there were no accidents.  This was her way of dropping (smacking me maybe) a very obvious message to remind me or challenge me to live this new job in this new community well.  So I sat down and read the book searching for her message.  I came across this definition for living life well: 
“Fulfilling life’s responsibilities, no matter what they are, in a way that strives for good in response to God’s grace.  We live this good life carefully when we do it with intention, and not by accident. We live this good life frequently when we do so by taking advantage of the opportunities given to us each day and not occasionally.  We live this good life promptly when we are immediately responsive to the needs of others” (p.24). 
Not an easy task for me or any of us to “live life well” with this definition. As I continue to grow in this role as President, I hope you know that I do so carefully, frequently, and promptly as defined above.  I hear you, Grandmom, and thank you for the reminder that I am being called to fulfill my responsibilities and strive for good in response to God’s grace, especially as I complete my six months at Carroll.  

At Carroll we are striving to live our life well.  We continue to find ways to guide our students to also live their life well.  We have a committed community of professionals at Carroll who continue to care and challenge your son(s) and daughter(s) academically, spiritually, and emotionally.  It is not an easy task.  But please know we care for your students with intention and purpose and do our best to respond quickly to what they might need.  

Life at Carroll is busy!  We have a new Director of Institutional Advancement, Mr. Greg Brinn.  He brings a wealth of experience and skills to create a culture of philanthropy so Carroll will thrive now and well into the future.  Greg will be creating new opportunities for our alumni and parent communities to connect even more with each other and the Carroll community.  Mrs. Trang Fryberger has transitioned from the Development Office to the Tuition Office.  I am grateful for her enthusiasm to learn a new role and do it so well.

As always in January, enrollment becomes a top priority at Carroll.  We have sent our acceptance letters and are now in the process of enrolling our Class of 2026!  Our parents are our greatest ambassadors and we hope you will continue to promote Carroll as much as possible!  

We continue to  focus on the mental health and wellness of our students.  The administrative team, with the collaboration with the Child Guidance Resource Centers, is working on a Wellness Summit in February to provide opportunities for students to learn new ways to take care of their physical and mental health.   As the date approaches, please look for detailed information about this summit.  

I hope you have joined our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts to see the amazing moments that take place here every day.  Six months in and I love the Carroll community.  You have amazing children and I am so grateful to be part of their journey.  Thank you for choosing Carroll.  We are blessed you did.