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About the Arts

Create a path you are worthy of walking.
At Archbishop Carroll High School, we believe that the Arts are both a creative and academic pursuit.  A rich arts program is integral to our philosophy of education and our performing and visual arts departments offer our students exceptional opportunities to find their creative voice and showcase their talent to a full artistic potential.

Archbishop Carroll can proudly boast both a talented Musical Arts Department and Visual Arts Department, allowing students to not just participate in musical or art based clubs after school, but during the academic day as well. All of our arts programs are taught by licensed music/art professionals. 

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Arts News and Events:
Archbishop Carroll Theater Society's Spring Performance of The Little Mermaid is coming soon! Show dates include: April 19-21 and 25-27.
Cast List
Ariel: Rachel Durham
Prince Eric: Kadin Kingston
Ursula: Sofia Biddle
King Triton: Jake Aversa
Sebastian: Too Jemahwuo
Flounder: John Doherty 
Mersisters: Immacolata Capone, Angela Daniels, Katherine Buentello, Chrstina Cortese, Olivia Hermanovich, Emme Menna
Grimsby: Ellie Clarke
Chef Louis: Sophia Burghezi
Scuttle: Annalisa Laphen
Flotsam: Isis Holt
Jetsam: Kade Cheatham
Winward: Kirsten Blake-McGarvey
Leeward: Mikayla Dinich