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Forms and FAQ


What paperwork does my student-athlete need in order to participate on an athletic team?

  • All student-athletes must have a PIAA CIPPE Form in order to compete. This needs to be completed by your family physician. If you missed the date, your doctor might offer ways to help offset the cost.  CVS and Walgreen’s also offer sports physicals at a reasonable cost.

When are PIAA physicals needed in order to participate in a seasonal sport?

  • Any time after June 1 of the given year.

When is the athletic paperwork due?

  • A minimum of 2 weeks prior to the season. Upload CIPPE form, Section 6 or Section 7, onto Family ID.

How can I access the Student-Athlete Accident Insurance Program?

  • When a student-athlete is injured, he or she may obtain a claim form from the school nurse or school accountant.


When does each sport season begin practice?

It is critical you contact the head coach directly as off-season/voluntary workouts are ongoing through the year.


When are the mandatory student-athlete pre-season meetings?


  • Our pre-season Mass and parent and student-athlete meetings are generally held a week prior to the official start of a given season.


How should I prepare for my sport over the summer?


  • It is very important that you show up to pre-season camp in the best shape possible. Below are some ways to make sure you are ready:
    • Follow a workout routine designed for your sport over the summer months
    • Attend a camp for your sport as a tune-up for pre-season
    • Contact your coach about expectations and make sure you follow those guidelines
    • Attend off-season volunteer practices as many times as possible

How do I find coach information?



When are team selections?


  • Teams are generally selected within the first week of tryouts. Feel free to ask your head coach for specifics.

What is the athletic fee and how do I pay this?

  • The activity fee was initiated to assist and offset the expenses involved in any particular sport. These expenses include transportation, officials, league/state fees, facility maintenance, equipment, and uniforms. Please read Understanding our Athletic Fee to learn more.
  • Once the rosters are complete, our tuition office will bill your FACTS account.
  • Click HERE for Athletic fee by sport

How do I find sport schedules?



How will I know when there are changes made to the schedule?


  • Our coaches are expected to create a communication plan for our student-athletes and parents. All game changes or additions to the schedule will go through Schedule Star.  We strongly encourage all parents and student-athletes to sign up for this service.

How and when are uniforms collected after the season is over?


  • Coaches will arrange a time, date and location to collect uniforms, clean up locker-rooms and debrief for next year. Our coaches will communicate this directly to the student-athletes.  Should you miss the meeting, you may return your uniform to the Athletic Office washed and clearly labeled (sport and name).

Are college athletic scholarships acknowledged?


  • The Athletic Office will offer a student athlete press conference each year. Any student athlete, regardless of college-level is invited to attend.  It is critical that once your child commits, he/she informs the Athletic Office. Please check website for details or speak to your head coach. An email with information will also be sent to out community.

How do I get tickets to home Archbishop Carroll sporting events?


  • Our tickets for boys and girls basketball, football on sale 1 hour prior to the start time. Prices are $5.00 for anyone 12 and above.  All Carroll students are admitted free with their student ID.


Please explain the College Recruiting Process.


  • Many student-athletes are driven to continue their athletic careers in college. This requires a coordinated effort between the athlete, their family and our school.  The first step is to consult the “Guide for the College-Bound Athlete” available on the NCAA Clearinghouse.
  • Tom Quintois, Athletic Director, regularly provides information to student-athletes regarding NCAA eligibility, NCAA Clearinghouse registration, and Division I, II, and III athletic programs. Student-athletes may also contact their coaches for further information about specific sports programs, conferences, and levels of competition.
  • The NCAA Eligibility Center is designed for the student-athlete and their parents. This site is a terrific resource to help understand the application process and the NCAA. Students interested in competing in NCAA Division I, II, or III athletics must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse. Registration should take place before the student-athlete’s junior year.
  • Please review the NCAA’s Recruiting Fact Sheet for more information.
  • We encourage all student-athletes interested in participating at the collegiate level to visit our athletic and guidance offices.  There you will find information that can help you decide what role athletics should play in your college search, as well as important details about eligibility, recruiting and scholarships. Please contact Mr. Tom Quintois, Athletic Director, if you have additional questions.

I am interested in transferring into Archbishop Carroll. What are my next steps?

Please contact our Admission Director, Ms. Michelle Gatta at 610-688-7610 or [email protected].