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Tax Credit Programs

Did you know that if you pay Pennsylvania income taxes you are eligible to redirect that money to support Archbishop Carroll High School?
Through the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) or the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program (OSTC) individuals and businesses can allocate their PA tax dollars to provide tuition assistance to qualified Carroll students. Essentially, you can turn your taxes into scholarships and receive a 90% tax credit against your PA state income liability, with 100% of your tax money supporting Carroll students. This tuition assistance opens the door for many families to afford a Catholic school education at Archbishop Carroll High School. 
Those who pay $1,000 or more in state taxes are eligible to participate. 
How You Can Participate
We work with two organizations to help Pennsylvania residents and businesses participate in this program. 

1) BLOCS is the Business Leadership Organized for Catholic Schools, in which any individual who pays $5,000 or more in state taxes can donate to Archbishop Carroll  
Click here to learn step-by-step how you can participate through BLOCS
2) The Foundation for Catholic Education allows any individual who pays $1,000 or more in state tax to participate. Click here to learn about this option.
Your tax dollars directed to Archbishop Carroll High School gives qualified students a chance to receive Catholic education; a transformational opportunity they now have with your support and participation. 
For questions and interest, please contact:
“Participating in the PA Tax Credit Program is a great and a simple way to make a direct impact on Archbishop Carroll students. It is easy to enroll and the program allows me to tell the Commonwealth where I want my tax dollars to go, and where 100% of my contribution will be used to support the tuition assistance program at Carroll."