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Archbishop Carroll Theater Society (ACTS)

 Archbishop Carroll Theater Society (ACTS)

About Archbishop Carroll Theater Society (ACTS)

Archbishop Carroll Theater Society (ACTS) is the largest activity on Carroll’s campus. Students will hone their craft under the direction of our experienced production staff. All of our production staff works either professionally in the Philadelphia Arts Community. Starting this year, ACTS will produce three productions in our season – a Fall musical, a Winter drama and a Spring musical. Musicians are encouraged to join the pit, while stage crew is always seeking those interested in sound, lighting, set design, construction, and prop management.

Director: Meghan McNamara ’07

Choreographer:  Ellen Solderitsch '05

Music Director/Pit Conductor: Patrick D'Amato

Producer:  Michael Ambler ’09

Costume Designer:  Sarah Fickling

Scenic Designer:  Erika Mapes-Gelo

Set Designer: Brian Ambler '97

Lighting Designer: Sydney Norris

Sound Design: Justina Tran '19

Technical Director: Kelly Palmer

Student Production Staff: 
Stage Managers: Evelyn Stong and Sophia Rutan
Assistant Directors:  Aiden Abiuso, Walter Entwistle, Bridget Lau, Nathan Lechtenberg
Student Choreographers: Ryan Holmes, Maria Proccacini, Moira Larkin
Assistant Costumer: Molly Lau, Mia Arpea
Assistant Hair and Makeup Design: Mia Arpea, Angela Daniels 
Assistant Music Director: Ryan Holmes 
Props Manager: Ashley Palmer 




Gomez: Nathan Lechtenberg 

Morticia: Ashley Palmer

Wednesday: Lauren Spratt

Lucas: Ryan Holmes 

Alice: Mia Arpea

Mal: Walter Entwistle 

Pugsley: Immacolata Capone

Grandma: Bridget Lau 

Lurch: Benjamin Russell 



Featured Dancers:


Alexandra Brown

Aidan Chau

Angela Daniels

Eryn Dennis*

Rachel Durham

Sarah Durham

Katie Hurd

Molly Lau

Victoria Fallouh

Jasmine Nguyen

Maria Procaccini*

Morgan Shaw

Kaleigh Timothy

Blaise Watson


*Dance Captain





Adriel Alquiros

Laura Angelopulos

Jake Aversa

Derrick Banks Jr.

Robert Bellowar

Kirstin Blake McGarvey

Sophia Burghezi

Joseph Bushner

Marissa Cappiello

Kevin Carroll

Adian Chau

Sofia Cunicelli

Andela Daniels

Eryn Dennis

Jenna Digiovanni

Rachel Durham

Sarah Durham

Viky Fallouh 

Arianna Hall

Elle Herberger

Amaya Hickson

Katie Hurd 

Molly Lau

Simon Lordt

Andrew Lynch

Catherine Manzo

Alexandra McBride

Jasmine Nguyen

Maria Procaccini

Benjamin Sammartino

Grace Sammartino

Morgan Shaw

Kaleigh Timothy

Blaise Watson