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From the Nurse's Office

Archbishop John Carroll High School requires an up-to-date physical examination for ALL 9th and 11th grade students, and up-to-date immunizations for ALL students each year. Physical forms and immunizations are due before the first day of school. Examinations done by a family physician within one year prior to the opening of the school term are acceptable by state regulations. This form is not interchangeable with the Sports Physical Form that is required by the PIAA for athletic participation

Additionally, please be aware that the only medications that are on hand in the Nurse’s Office are acetaminophen (Tylenol), Ibuprofen (Advil/ Motrin), and Tums. Any students who has asthma and/or allergies have the option of keeping a back-up inhaler and/or Epipen in the Nurse’s Office. Parental permission must be given before any of these or prescription medications can be administered.  For students who have medication in which they self-administer (insulin, inhalers, Epipens, etc.), the following still applies. Medication should be brought to the school nurse in the original container that includes the following information: student’s name, date prescription was filled, medication name, time and dosage to be administered, and the name of the prescribing physician.


All medication paperwork must be updated each year and at the end of the school year, remaining medications should be picked up before the last day of school. Otherwise, they will be destroyed in the presence of a school administrator.


**Be aware that due to HIPPA and FERPA guidelines established by the federal government, you have the right to decide how the school is to handle your child’s personal medical records. There is no blanketed policy set by the school to alert teachers of students’ medical issues, so anything in particular should be first brought to the attention of an administrator.