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Naviance is the leading college, career, and life readiness (CCLR) platform, equipping over 10 million students in 40% of U.S. high schools with the skills they need to reach their future goals.
NCAA Compliance
Any student-athlete interested in playing a collegiate sport must meet with our NCAA Compliance Officer to learn and understand the following:
  • NCAA Approved Core Courses 
  • Validation of the Student-Athlete registration fee waivers via the NCAA High School Portal when applicable
  • Necessary required for documentation
  • Certification Accounts and the Eligibility Center 
  • Uploading the official transcripts 
  • Sending final transcripts to the NCAA Portal at the end of senior year
More information about College Athletics can be found by visiting the NCAA Eligibility Center 

OneDuring freshman year, our counselors introduce the students to Naviance, a comprehensive college, career, and life readiness program designed to align student strengths and interests to post-secondary goals. Introductory lessons include the learning style inventory and the college search. Freshmen also learn about academic expectations, adjusting to high school, study skills, and exam preparation.  Additionally, freshmen will be introduced to CollegeBoard and Khan Academy.

  • In Naviance: under the Self-Discovery tab, start taking advantage of the surveys & assessments, especially the Learning and Productivity, Skills, & StrengthsExplorer; under the About Me tab, begin filling out your resume to keep track of your activities, honors, etc.
  • In CollegeBoard: link this account with your Khan Academy account to allow for more individualized SAT/PSAT prep. Sign up for an account with raise me to begin earning money for college.
  • Get involved in at least one activity/sport and engage in community service.
  • Employ good study habits to build an academic record.
  • Sign up for our college rep visits.

TwoDuring students’ second year, their counselors guide them through Naviance’s career assessment tools and career search engines, as they continue to explore the college search features. Continue to build your resume in Naviance and use the tools of assessment in the Self Discovery tab, like the Personality and StrengthsExplorer.  You may also wish to start searching career interests & pathways.  We provide sophomores with interest surveys in order to draw out values, preferences, and goals to identify potential majors and occupations. Counselors also help students review and analyze PSAT results.



  •    Use your Khan Academy account to prepare for the PSAT & SAT.
  •    Use the tools in your CollegeBoard account to search careers & colleges.
  •    Continue with quality study habits to improve GPA.
  •    Sign up for our college rep visits.
  •    Continue to get involved in clubs, sports, and community service; look for opportunities for leadership.
  •    Sign up for courses that reflect your interest, are rigorous, and will keep you on track for graduation.

threeStudents and their families meet individually with their college counselors to develop a graduation plan. We identify personal values and preferences to help match them to higher education settings and post college experiences. Standardized testing options, the Common Application, writing the college essay, understanding financial aid, mock-interviewing, letters of recommendation, and summer planning, among many other areas are covered by College Advising Counselors.  We encourage families to plan college visits and attend our Junior Parent College Night. 

  • Use the tools in Naviance and CollegeBoard for career and college searches.
  • Use your Khan Academy account for individualized SAT prep.
  • Complete your resume in Naviance.
  • Maintain or improve GPA and academic record.
  • Attend college fairs.
  • Attend the Financial Aid Night in the fall and the College Information Night in the spring.
  • Continue using your Khan Academy account for SAT prep and take the test in the spring.
  • Engage in college & career searches in Naviance and CollegeBoard and begin visiting schools.
  • Sign up for our college rep visits.
  • Continue your involvement in clubs, sports, community service and leadership opportunities.
  • Choose courses for senior year that are rigorous and reflect your career interests.
  • If you will be playing DI or DII sports in college, sign up for an NCAA account.
  • Before the end of the school year: complete your Senior Profile, ask a teacher(s) for a recommendation, and write your college essay.
  • During the summer: visit colleges and start filling out the Common App (Aug.1).

fourIn their senior year, students and their families work with college counselors during meetings that cover applications, letters, essays, scholarship packages, and college selection. Students are encouraged to meet individually with their counselors and interact with college reps. Families are invited to attend our Parent Financial Aid Night in the fall. 

  •    Maintain and/or improve your GPA.
  •    Register for the SAT.
  •    Continue to visit schools and sign up for our rep visits.
  •    Apply to colleges/trade/technical schools using either the Common App or direct to the institution.
  •    Make sure your Parent Permission Form is signed and turned in.
  •    Have your Senior Profile completed and sent in.
  •    Fill out a Transcript Request form for each school once you have applied.
  •    Be extremely conscious of deadlines – for college applications & scholarships.
  •    Attend the Financial Aid Night and fill out the FAFSA (Oct. 1). Some schools may also require a CSS Profile to be filed.
  • Search for scholarships and apply.
  • Send all college acceptances & scholarship offers/financial aid packages to Guidance as soon as you receive them, and let your counselor know which school you will be attending. Notify the school you will be attending – the usual deadline is May 1, and let your other schools know you have declined their offer.
  • Complete the Senior Questionnaire.