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Patriots find strength in all its forms.

The end of the day at most schools is only halftime at Carroll.

With the strong belief that student involvement in out-of-classroom activities correlates with increased happiness and greater academic success, the final bell signals another opportunity for students to explore their strengths.  

Our 64-acre campus features more than classrooms.  For many Patriots, it is a second home where students step outside their comfort zones, pursue their passions, and launch lifelong friendship.  

The Office for Student Life is the hub for Student Activities and Clubs at Archbishop Carroll. At Archbishop Carroll, we encourage meaningful student participation in arts, athletics, clubs, school leadership, community service, and school-wide events as a means to pursue non-academic interests, stay healthy, enjoy creative outlets, reduce stress, and build community.  Patriots deepen their expanding understanding of the world, their growing community ties, and their maturing faith through our robust offering of co-curricular experience. 

Patriots find strength by nurturing their talents.  


Our extracurricular clubs and activities bring added depth to the Archbishop Carroll experience.  Check out all of the opportunities below! If you're interested in something that doesn't exist yet, let us know and we'll discuss how to make your vision become a reality.  


Academic Clubs


Mixed Select Chorus

National Art Honor Society

National Honor Society

National Science Honor Society

              2022-2023 Science NHS Application

Reading Olympics

Tri-M Musical Honor Society


Carroll Times


Service Clubs

Community Service Corps

Diversity Club

Interact Club


Pro-Life Club

Red Cross-Blood Drive

Student Ambassadors

Student Council

Social Clubs

Dance Committees


Special Interests

Archbishop Carroll Theatre Society (ACTS)


Best Buddies

Game Club

Mock Trial Club

TV Crew

Ultimate Frisbee


Patriots find strength in their faith

Archbishop Carroll is not just college prep-- it’s life prep. And a large part of that comes from the campus ministry program. We desire to do much more than simply transfer knowledge and information. The faith component of the Carroll experience is not limited to Theology class and the chapel—it is woven throughout our curriculum and co-curricular activities.

At Carroll, faith is not only talked about, it is lived.  Students do not just learn about the Catholic faith, but how it uniquely applies to their lives. During their time at Carroll, they will hear stories about the faith journeys of peers and adults and are given space to ask questions. The Office of Campus Ministry helps students take the Catholic faith that they learn in the classroom and put it into action in their own lives. 


Students in the Chapel


Celebrating the Divine Liturgy is central to the Catholic identity of Archbishop Carroll. Several times throughout the year, students will engage with priests from around Bucks County to celebrate Mass as a school community.

In addition to Mass, there are a number of other opportunities for students to experience the sacraments, including prayer services, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and Eucharistic Adoration.

CSC (Community Service Corps)

Respect Life Club



Catholic Athletes for Christ