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Learn the Seal

Archbishop John Carroll High School honors the name of the first bishop of the United States of America. John Carroll was a man of piety, patriotism, and great intellect who promoted spiritual, educational, and cultural growth in our nation during a critical formative period of American history. For this reason, our school seal represents the values he so passionately admired.

Our seal is cast in an octagonal shape to mirror our School Chapel. The interior is divided into four chambers, each representing values of Archbishop John Carroll.

The Cross and Crown

Symbolize the fundamental Catholic philosophy of our school. The crown also underlines the devotion of Archbishop John Carroll to Mary, the Mother of God.

The Lamp of Learning and Book of Knowledge

Exemplify the essential educational of our school and represents Archbishop John Carroll’s devotion to academia.

The Inverted Sword and Upright Lions

Are taken from Archbishop John Carroll’s original coat of arms and symbolize readiness and courage in seeking truth.

The Thirteen Stars and Flag

Represent the original thirteen colonies, which indicate the allegiance and involvement of Archbishop John Carroll in formative American history.