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A Note from the President

Dear Archbishop Carroll Community,

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!  After the quiet of the summer months, our campus is once again alive with students.  We are ready to begin this school year with a new sense of excitement and energy.  Thirty-three years in education and I can still say I love the work and I especially love the Carroll community.

Love always brings difficulties, that is true,
but the good side of it is that it gives energy.
— Vincent Van Gogh

Our students continue to be a vibrant reminder of how the new school year energizes us to achieve excellence, year after year.  Specifically, Archbishop Carroll’s culture of excellence requires that we identify our standards, faithfully serve to meet our standards, and share with the community.

First and foremost, our most important standard of excellence is we are a school of faith.  Our Catholic identity is the foundation of our mission.  Our mission statement begins with, “Rooted in Catholic faith.” Our faith is essential to who we are and why we serve.  This standard is embraced by daily prayer services, weekly Mass in the Chapel, adoration through Live Vertical, and monthly school-wide Mass.  With our commitment to our Catholic faith, we believe that our faith must be reflected in action.  Through a robust Campus Ministry program, we provide a diverse opportunity for our students to live “service to others” and be an active, faith-filled member of our community.

Our standard of excellence includes a robust, solid academic foundation with true academic rigor, evidenced by an extensive Honors and AP courses, college partnerships with Cabrini, LaSalle, Villanova, as well as a comprehensive four year Project Lead the Way.  Our students are challenged in all courses, but also supported and encouraged to grow as a learner to be well-prepared for all future career and academic paths.  We believe that every student has the potential to be successful and we will work diligently to guide our students to reach their true potential.  

Our standard of excellence incorporates a commitment to a broad range of extra-curricular activities, including clubs, athletics, arts, and field trips.  We recognize that to connect to a community, we need to provide opportunities for our students to connect to one another.  It must go beyond the classroom.  Our campus, in full bloom, is hosting a full schedule of athletic competitions, theater productions, and art exhibitions, student-led clubs, and so much more.  A strong commitment to participating outside of the classroom separates Carroll from many other high school programs.

We believe that Catholic education must be accessible to all students, including students with and without disabilities.  Our standard of excellence for our inclusive program creates a positive culture of kindness, grace, and respect for all.  We initiated a peer mentoring program to work alongside our inclusion program, as well as a commitment for the professional development of teachers and staff.

Our standard of excellence means we have an obligation to challenge and support our students’ mind, body and spirit.  We believe we need to help our students develop a healthy mindset during this often challenging time when our young adults are learning how to navigate this world.  The overall vision is to create a school community that provides the space and the opportunity for students to be healthy in mind, heart, body, and spirit.

Embracing our school's standards of excellence in faith, service, academics, extracurricular and wellness, raises awareness, attracts potential students and families, and encourages our alumni to engage, which ultimately catapults Carroll to be a premier school in Catholic education and the place to be.”


All the best,